FLUORESCENT TUBEWith the phasing out of incandescent light bulbs for general lighting use the introduction of mercury containing lamps such as compact fluorescent lamps has increased the potential for mercury pollution.

Mercury doesn't simply disappear; it has the potential to form toxic methyl mercury which can leach into soil and groundwater, acting as a cumulative poison.

Toxfree is the proud operator of a state of the art lamp recycling process at its St Marys facility in New South Wales. Operational since 2009, the lamp recycling process separates the constituents being aluminum, glass, phosphor powder and ultimately mercury, all of which are recyclable.

As a foundation signatory to the joint industry and Government initiative, "Fluorocycle", Toxfree are working closely with both stakeholders to increase the awareness of this pressing issue industry and raise the level of recycling throughout the country.

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