Toxfree has significant experience and capabilities in the clean up and management of chemical spills and environmental incidents. Toxfree routinely manage emergency incidents on behalf of major transport companies, manufacturers and the Environmental Protection Authority.

Toxfree provides a 24 hour callout service to manage the cleanup of spills and environmental incidents throughout metropolitan and regional Australia. Toxfree’s Emergency Response team are highly trained and experienced in Chemical and Biological containment, decontamination, and subsequent safe disposal of residues and waste products.

Combined with Toxfree's Controlled Waste licensed transport fleet and hazardous waste treatment facilities, Toxfree can manage any hazardous or emergency incident safely and efficiently minimising any disruption to your business activities, the public or environment. Toxfree's highly trained technicians will safely manage the cleanup of spills, segregate and repackage dangerous goods and decontaminate the affected areas using specialist techniques for all hazard types.

Services & Capabilities:

  • 24 hour a day callout - 1800 HAZMAT (1800 429 628),
  • Spills and chemical cleanups,
  • Controlled and Dangerous Goods licensed transport (liquid and solid),
  • Specialised and highly trained technical team,
  • State of the art spill response equipment and personal protective equipment, and
  • Spills kits.

Contact Toxfree to arrange the assessment of your company's emergency response needs. Toxfree can prepare a spill management plan, emergency response plan and also be on call 24 hours a day in case an incident does occur.

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Providing services including destruction of hazardous waste, technical projects, environmental compliance and environmental consultancy.
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