Concrete CuttingToxfree's concrete cutting applications offer an alternative to jack hammering to achieve concrete demolition. Using Ultra High water blasting, this technique is able to penetrate and remove existing unsound concrete while leaving the sound concrete unscaved. 

Concrete cutting applications are perfect for highway maintenance, widening and concrete demolition.

Applications include; general hydro-jet cleaning, tube bundles, heat exchanger and evaporator cleaning, automated tank cleaning, pipe and line cleaning, automated boiler cleaning, automated rotary / tubular air heaters cleaning systems, ash & cooling water line cleaning, floor cleaning, paint removal, concrete spalling removal and concrete demolition. 

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Providing services including destruction of hazardous waste, technical projects, environmental compliance and environmental consultancy.
Toxfree's most recent aqusition, Daniels is the market leading provider of medical waste solutions, collections and treatments in Australia with a strong history of growth.
Toxfree has committed resources to the development of a new Waste to Energy facility in Karratha for processing wastes such as drilling muds, oily sludges, solvents, dewatered mud and oily adsorbents and filters.    Read More
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