Digginh1Toxfree introduced Non-Destructive Digging in 1998 to assist customers in locating underground assets. High pressure water and air units expose electrical cables, underground pipes and conduits that may be considered potential threats to customer's projects. 

The reduced risk with hydro vacuum excavation provides an alternative method to jackhammering and drilling, without damaging surrounding materials, and with reduced noise pollution and disturbance to neighbouring surroundings. The increased safety levels give operators and customers added piece of mind, as well as increased productivity and efficiency as time spent rectifying damages are eliminated. 

Applications include; 

  • Digging2Potholing of gas, water, sewer and telecommunication lines,
  • Excavating around gas, water, sewer and telecommunication lines,
  • Straightening of power poles,
  • Coring to enable soil samples,
  • Tree planting and remediation, and
  • All Non Destructive Digging Units have EPA licenses.
Toxfree’s construction services include a range of waste management and resource recovery, water treatment, hazardous material collection and industrial services to assist clients in retaining long-term profitability and sustainability. Services include high pressure water jetting, vacuum loading, non-destructive digging, hazardous waste remediation and recycling.
Toxfree provide a range of services to the health sector, including the safe collection and disposal of hazardous chemicals and objects.
Toxfree run frequent collections for unwanted and out of date chemicals, as well as skip bin hire for homes.